Oscar Tiye shoes are a spirited ode to femininity. Drawing inspiration from iconic females throughout time, Oscar Tiye aims to inspire modern day women to tap into their feminine power and lift them to new highs.

Queen Tiye, one of the most fascinating and influential women of the Ancient Arabic World, is at the core of our brand's DNA. According to legend, on her wedding day, she received a green scarab as a good luck charm to bear happy events. Today each Oscar Tiye sole is adorned with this scarab, to bless any woman who wears them with its powers.

Using the finest materials and padded insoles, our shoes are skillfully crafted entirely in Italy’s luxury footwear district by traditional artisans, ensuring exceptional quality.

Contemporary and authentic, Oscar Tiye’s style is determined by personality. We recognize not only a woman’s mien, but also what is within; which allows her character, sensuality and vitality to show through.